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Saint Augustine's School

Saint Augustine's School

About Us

Founded in 1930, Saint Augustine's School is part of the Saint John of God Community Services for people with an Intellectual Disability.

Saint John of God Community Services is committed to helping and encouraging people who have an intellectual disability to develop attitudes, knowledge and skills to enable them to fulfil their potential.

Saint John of God Community Services recognise that religious freedom is a fundamental human right.

In our Services we respect a person's right:

  • To choose whether they wish to participate in religious activities
  • To have access to a minister of their own religion and denomination
  • To privacy

At Saint Augustine's School, our students are drawn from many faiths and many backgrounds.

Board of Management

Our new School Board of Management was formed in December 2011. The term of office is for four years.


Read more about some frequently asked questions regarding application and enrolment to our school

Read more about our Parent Peer Support Group, and Parents' Association.

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