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Feedback from Students

"Living in the houses helps you to be responsible and learn how to look after yourself. Good for people far away as they will not be late for work."

"I like the houses because you get to go swimming and the staff help you with your homework."

"The houses are great because if you have a day off you get taken out."

"In the houses the meals are extraordinary, we get to bed early and get rest - and you get up not too early because you're two minutes from work and you also have great crack in the houses."

"I like one staff in particular because she taught me the piano, and I like the houses because some nights you get to go to the cinema."

Saint Augustine's School - Residential Houses

Saint Augustine's School

Child Care Department & Residential Services

The Childcare Department at Saint Augustine's School offers a five-day residential service.

This service consists of several four bedroom houses, each catering for a maximum of six students. Saint Augustine's residential service believes that all young people in our care are of equal importance.

We endeavour to allow them to have the same opportunities and access to resources as the other young people.

Through the residential houses we aim to provide well defined routines, allowing young people to benefit from a structured day with a balance between activities and free time.

Frequently Asked Questions –
Child Care Department, Residential Services

Q: How do I request access to the Residential Service?

A: Please contact the school to enquire about a residential placement. Places are limited, and are allocated as available and as appropriate.

Q: How much does it cost to have a student enrolled in the residential facility?

A: There is no charge for this service. Parents continue to be responsible for costs such as clothing, toiletries, medicines and outings.

Q: Do students require any special clothing?

A: A clothing list, intended as a guide for parents, is available on request.

Q: What happens if a student becomes ill?

A: Parents are notified and it is the practice for students to be seen by their family G.P. Parents are asked to inform staff if a student has any special medical needs.

Q: Can parents visit or telephone students?

A: Visits and phone calls are encouraged.

Through the collective skills of the staff, students are offered a holistic approach to their development.

In order to achieve this, we provide an environment that helps to develop the educational, intellectual, physical, social emotional, spiritual and psychological growth of the young people.

We strive to enhance each young person's self-confidence and self esteem through a programme of developed activities.

We understand the important balance between meeting the individual needs of the young person and the collective needs of the young people in the residential houses.

Young people are given the opportunity to develop independent living skills and relationships with their peers and adults in a secure environment.

It is our hope that the young people at Saint Augustine's residential service have a positive and rewarding experience through learning and having fun.

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