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Saint John of God

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About Saint John of God

Over 460 years ago, Saint John of God had been a little-known book seller in the city of Granada, Spain.

He had also been a psychiatric patient in the Royal Hospital. He had known homelessness and he had seen many aspects of life in different parts of the world.

Sensitive to the suffering and pain of many people around him, John began to bring the sick, the weak and the people left out to share his meagre accommodation in the porch of the house of his friend Venegas.

This was the beginning of his dream of a more compassionate world. We in the family of Saint John of God, invite you to journey with John and see aspects of his dream in the 21st century. The journey begins with John's life as a bookseller in Granada, Spain.

Portrait of Saint John of God and paintings by Manuel Lopez Vaquez from his collection, "El Camino de San Juan de Dios en Granada" (The Path of Saint John of God in Granada) on permanent exhibition at the Museum San Juan de Dios, Los Pisa, Granada.

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