Saint Augustines School | PP4 Getting to know our city
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PP4 Getting to know our city

PP4 Getting to know our city

PP4 has been having fun learning about Vikings and Dublin in History and Geography. The students have enjoyed learning about their city and what Dublin was like when the Vikings were in Ireland about 1000 years ago.

We were great at reading and writing in Viking Runes and discussed which parts of Viking life would be the same and what would be different.

We found out about Viking longships, warriors and slaves. The class even tried to sell Mr Moore as a slave, but no one would buy him.

The best bit was going on class trips to Dalkey Castle, Dublinia and the Archaeology Museum. We got to see different parts of our city, use public transport and also see some real Viking artefacts. We got to try on Viking helmets, hold Viking weapons and see what a Viking boat and longhouse were like. We all loved getting out and would really recommend visiting Dublinia, Dalkey Castle and the Archaeology Museum on Kildare Street.