Saint Augustines School | Individual Education Plan
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Individual Education Plan


  • Info-share for new students prior to students first days at school
  • Teachers complete observation sheets for each student from commencement of school year
  • Students complete ‘My Goals’ Sheet
  • Teachers complete IEP Planning Tool Sheets.
  • Teachers to be guided by IEP checklist.
  • A letter (with questionnaire) is sent to parents seeking their opinions.
  • Use findings of Independent Living Skills Questionnaire (ILSQ) if available
  • Use findings of Adaptive Behaviour Assessment Scale (ABAS) if available (will be incorporated in Psychological Report).
  • IEP dates and Parent Meeting dates and times are set.

Creating IEP

  • Each class team (teacher and SNA) meets with members of the management team. The purpose of the meeting is to create an IEP for each student in the class.

The IEP should incorporate the views of the class team, relevant programme team members, extra curricular teachers and the views of the students and parents.  Generally there would be 7 school targets; target 8 is left for parents on IEP day.

  • A designated teacher meets with the class teacher at least one week prior to the Review Meeting to assist with the preparation of the IEP and to act as the link person with the programme team in clarifying levels of support available.
  • Our Vocational Team usually meet in early October to create IEPs for Vocational 2 students and in early November for Vocational 1 students.


A letter is sent to parents of students in the school inviting them to attend at a pre-determined time and date.  Students do not attend school on that day, but accompany the parent at the meeting.

A letter is also sent to parents of students in the vocational area inviting them to attend on an ‘open afternoon’ basis.  Vocational students attend as usual on that day.

At the meeting parents and students sign the IEP when it has been agreed.

IEP targets are reviewed at Christmas, Easter and year-end and recommendations are made for the following year’s targets to assist the student and the next teacher.