Saint Augustines School | Vocational
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Vocational / 21.12.2021

Home economics students were busy bringing Christmas cheer with their homemade decorations. Students demonstrated their embroidery skills and created texture through the use of felting. Sustainability was at the forefront of their mind, they used wadding from old teddies and spare buttons too! They even...

Vocational, Whole School / 03.05.2019

Students checked out the sugar content of foods by examining food labelling. They used the below information to evaluate what foods were high in sugar. Low sugar: means the product contains no more than 5g of sugar per 100g High Sugar: means the product contains 10g or more of sugar...

Vocational / 19.10.2017

The new vocational first years are getting on great! They go to their work areas in the morning which include car valeting, office and retail, horticulture, catering, independence skills and DIY skills. They go to class in the afternoons where they have been working hard at time, money and reading class novels ‘the dare’ and ‘cool’. They have also been using the ‘beebots’ to learn about coding!