Saint Augustines School | Joining our School
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Joining our School

Joining our school

Thank you for considering St. Augustine’s School for your child.  For enrolment enquiries, please contact and Anne or Roísín will get back to you.  Alternatively, you can phone reception on 01-2881771 and request a call-back.


Our school is a co-educational, special school for students, aged 7-18, with Mild General Learning Disabilities (MGLD). We also cater for students with Moderate GLD, if their independent living skills are at a high level e.g. dressing, feeding, showering, toileting, transitioning, managing schoolbag, etc. While we cater for students aged 7-18, there are very few places available for students aged 12 and over, as existing students fill these classes as they progress through the school.


One-page Summary of Enrolment Process – please click here

This must be read in conjunction with our Admissions Policy and Annual Admissions Notice, links below.  The Annual Admissions Notice gives the Application and Decision dates and the number of places available in each age category, the majority of which are at Primary Level.  If you wait until your child has finished in primary school, you may find there are fewer (or no) places in St. Augustine’s in their age range.  You may submit an application even if no places are available in your child’s age range, but are advised to also apply to other schools, as many are oversubscribed.  Our Application Form, link below, contains a checklist of items to be included and should be sent by Registered Post.

School Tour – if you are interested in attending a school tour, please click here to complete our online booking form.  Our school tours are normally held in November and February.  These are not ‘open days’; you will be sent an invitation to attend the tour at a set time.

School Transport is provided for students attending St. Augustine’s School, subject to NCSE approval.  Distance from school may be a factor to consider when choosing our school as the NCSE may/may not approve long journeys.  If you are offered a place in our school, we will make an application to the National Council for Special Education (NCSE) on your behalf. 

We cannot accept students with a Full-Scale IQ (FSIQ) greater than 70 or less than 40.  The Psychologist needs to administer a test, suitable to the student’s profile, to achieve an FSIQ score.  We cannot accept students with a dual diagnosis of Asd and Moderate General Learning Disability.  Applications are not valid unless sent via Registered Post and Psychological Reports must be dated within two years of application date.

Admissions Application Form, please click here.

Admissions Policy, please click here.

Annual Admissions Notice, please click here.

Code of Behaviour Policy, please click here.

Data Protection Policy: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), please click here.